Tuesday, February 16, 2010

School holiday!!!

it is five days after the school started to close.
have too much of homework to do but still playing around... lalala..
list of homework!
>chemy- module form 5
- report (done)
>physics- trial pahang 2009
- worksheet
>biol-endangered ecosystem
-dynamic ecosystem
-a set of questions
>mm- transformation (done)
- transformation (done)
>mt- extra class
- vectors (done)
>QS- jom skor A+
- nota (done)
>psi- nota (done)
- soalan f4 and f5
>BAT- siahiah fil malizia
- exercises (done)
>BI- The Pearl
- Top Score (done)
>Sej- nota (almost done)
>Bm- soaln komsas yg ter'delay'

tonight , by hook or by crook i must finish nota sejarah and dynamic ecosystem!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

I don't care!

i don't care. what will be will be. que sera sera...
i know i can't speak and use english fluently. so i have to practice. practice do not make perfect. practice make fluent. english doesn't belong to American... when we use english, it becomes ours... so don't shy. just use it!