Monday, August 29, 2011

..eid mubarak

i'm in Kelantan for Hari Raya. Alhamdulillah after a good 14 hours journey i arrived Kelantan at about 1pm on last Saturday. well this is the first time i travelled as 'perantau' is a very exhausting journey. n i will go back to USIM on monday's night... this raya my umi cooked rendang, kuah kacang, kari ayam n nasi impit (in kelantan we call it as nasi 'kapit'). the table is fulled with cookies (kuih raya) but they r all not make by me. =P

if i am not mistaken it has been so long since the last time we celebrate hari raya here since last years we went back to kampung Umi in Muar, Johor. so i will be very happy if my friends can visit me this hari raya either Demitians, Naimians or even house is always open for all of u. :)

i would like to mention that my lecturers are so kind for giving me a lot of 'ole2 raya' special from USIM.

have nothing to say more... just want to wish all of u happy eid mubarak n please forgive me for every wrongdoings that i had made n maybe will make in the future...

RAMADAN ditangisi, SYAWAL dirai...