Friday, October 28, 2011

beautiful suffering

currently suffering with final exam...1 paper left. n it's biology!!!

"“when you study hard,memorizing a lot,sometimes you sick of it-you’ve remember that learning the HIGHEST creature of Allah is never easy!”

Sunday, October 9, 2011

some of the list...

(this is what i promise before)
1. avoid meeting him alone. ask a few female friends to accompany us. n when talking to him lower our eyes (it is stated in the Al-Quran)
2. if we have problem in our assignment, only ask him when none of your female friends cannot answer them.
3. avoid texting with him. because it is a laterally khalwat, as it is just between a man and a female. n may be one of zina hati. nauzubillah.( i am trying to avoid such this thing but sometimes 'rebah' jugak. :'(
4. treat them as man not as your other girlfriends. man is man. must be differences between our girlfriends and boyfriends.

this is a common scenery that i can see in my university

p/s: a reminder for u n me. please don't do something that can arise fitna among us.