Saturday, November 7, 2009

bola! bola!

aduhai, The Red Warriors... lost with 1-3... .for me skuad Rusa mmg mantop. eei geram betul dgn Zaquan Adha tu. Agresif... tp sian kat dia 4 kali kena usung keluar. but i believe many girls who did watch the match did not focus on the match but on him including my sister. tp yg paling membencikan penyokong kelantan nie tak der semangat kesukanan langsung! rugi tau tak beli tiket mahal2, cuti lagi. nie pergi kl bakar mercun,bakar kerusi.they should bakar semangat the football players. bila kelantan meng jer sokong. patutnya masa dh nak kalah 2lah diorang bg semangat kat our Red Warriors. walaupun masa 2 dah 0-3, kan tiada yg mustahil. memalukan rakyat kelantan btul!
act this is the second time i 'wasted' my 90 minutes on football match. the first time was on piala super a few month ago. the match was between Kelantan and Selangor. that was the first time i gave attention on football. some of the Kelantan's players that I know are Farhan, Indra, Daudsu, Halim Hanapi.
~for The Red Warriors,i'm so proud of you guys! you made it so far yet the victory is not ours. but i believe you guys can improve for next season. Chaiyok!

Friday, November 6, 2009

why I always say goodbye to my blog??!

dari exam dah nak exam. i tak update my blog. act there are so much to be share; jamuan, kem solat, naqibah... there are so much to be share... tunggu lah habis exam... dah cuti nanti i will update benyak2! But now focus on exam... last exam, my result still x memuaskan. tonight i'm going to watch the foorball match between The Red Wariors and kumpulan N9 (x sure apa nama jolokanyer). Gomo Kelate Gomo.... Even there is a song for The Red Warriors. Kelantians nie kalau bab2 gini dia emo sikit semangat kekelantanan nie kuat ckit. because of this we, in Kelantan diberi cuti to support our team... All the best for u, Red Warriors!

~me yang tak minat bola pown nak tgk gak malam nie!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Goodbye bloggie!

Let me tell you something about the bridge competition. I failed. Eventhough we had worked hard. we slept at 1 a.m to finished the drawings. we walked over around the school to find Sir Letfinuddin and Sir Zakuan. to asked about our drawings. they looked our drawings and said that the drawings are OK. but why our drawings were not chosen? why? the only qoute that suitable to describe all these are 'tak ada rezeki' and 'sudah suratan takdir'. Nway sorry to Sir Let and Sir Zak coz dah nyusahin sir. sorry bebanyak.
Soon I will post the drawings but not now coz the drawings are not with me.
Moreover tomorrow i will go back to hostel again and I will face the exam.

Tuesday-exam (bm)
Wednesday-exam (bi)
Thursday-exam (bio & mm)
friday & Saturday (balik)Sunday-exam (phy & Bio)
Monday-nuzul al-quran
Tuesday-exam (mt & Est)
Wednesday-exam (Bat)
friday & Saturday (balik)

wish me best luck...
kalau tak dapat 12 A meningkat pown jadilah. At least I will do my best.
(Aku tak layak dapat 12 A1 dgn usaha yang aku telah buat)

More GOODLUCK graphics

More MOTIVATION graphics

Bridge Competition 2009

My group failed to be shortlisted. Only 2 groups that succeed. I'm so sad that i were really hoping to be shortlist. I cried just now. I have to face the reality. I FAILED. Who want to know either your group succeed or not, link this website

Thursday, August 27, 2009

i'm tired

I'm tired..
there are so much to be study..
too much to be remeber before the exam
i will fail again. sob3x
someone! please give me strength.

wake up!
don't give up..
remember the rhymth

que sera sera
what ever will be, will be
the futures not ours to see
que sera sera
what will be, will be

so just try your best!
berusaha lah!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

que sera sera


stop playing around exam is just around the corner back to the books no internet, no blogging arh Hi books, hi chemy, hi addmath, hi physic hi 'beautiful suffering'(istilah Aisya) i'm stressed.... Argh!!! melalot jer aku nie! i'm waiting for the result of bridge competition. although my group is not shortlist, we redha.... because everything happened for a good reason. still hope that our design will be shortlist. we work hard for this... i'll come back after ... erm... 3 weeks! ouh.. wish me best luck.

Monday, August 24, 2009

a come back

I didn't update my blog for a long time although I wanted to do so. That's because I'm really busy. Busy of what? Ermm... actually I pun dunno... Qui 3x
There are so many things that happened in this past few months. First and foremost is a widespread disaster, influenza A H1N1 attacked my school. OH!!!

"perhatian kepada semua pelajar asrama anda tidak dibenarkan pulang pada hari ini"

haa?! what?!! Oh no! Tak leh balik... Waa!!! My classmates were crying... Me??? I'm not crying although my heart wanted to cry... sob3x
actually, one of naimians was infected by the virus... so we trapped in hostel for about a week. and the worst thing i got fever and i were quarantined in a quarantine dorm... cedeynyer... but just for three days then I pown panjat tangga naik dorm balik... stayed there like i were staying in hospital. everyone was sick and sleep. wake up, eat, take medicine then sleep back. But I got something from this sad episode... I got to know better my roomates (should I say dormates?!)- Dorm Kurnia

I have to be co-ordinator for Kem Solat. I'll talk about this after the Kem Solat besause the camp had to be postpone because of selsema babi. It will be held after rayer...

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hometown... I'm coming

Dapatkan Mesej Bergambar di Sini

tomorrow. my family and I will be leaving for our hometown at Muar, Johor. I will be back in about 12 Days. so bye..bye...

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Dapatkan Mesej Bergambar di Sini

its holiday.
going to hometown this monday... sleepy... tired xD... homework banyak woi! o_O

^0^ ^o^ ^_^ *.* zZZ....


Pasukan Kawat KRS johan negeri

Dapatkan Mesej Bergambar di Sini

just wanna wish congratulation. all of you had a great job. Your effort are not a waste. Sorry for not coming to give you support. Anyway get ready for national matches. It will be greater....

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Saturday, May 9, 2009


Meniti alam barzakh......

chubby cheek....

saya berjanji saya tidak akan melanggar peraturan program yang akan dijalankan....

sempat lagi nak posing although kena denda pun

Kak Nasuha and Kak Fathiah ^_^


tolong kak noor! bedah jange.....

siaplah kak noor.... basah kuyup lah jap lagi

with my mad'u Emmy (coated with flour)

katak kembung! katak kempis!

Princess of candle?!

K0nsert0 N@syid....

last saturday, Syifa' (new comer in nasyeed industry) had come to my school. Our first taught is Hijjaz would come but Syifa' came. At first, " laa, bukan Hijjaz ke yg datang? tak best laa... tak kenal pun kumpulan ni". but i were wrong this new team is not bad. promote sikit...>>>

senyum sokmo =)

autograph session.

the six charming men.... especially abg nas
chaiyok!!! semoga maju jaya dalam menyampaikan dakwah.


I'm back... so tired. i got to be one of the fasilitator of Kem Pemantapan Sahsiah (KEMPAS) since thursday until 2.00 a.m 090509. Thinking of sharing some pictures that i took during the KEMPAS. Hope adik2 F2 can take advantages from the kem.

with my mad'u Yasmin...

lompat si katak lompat... lompatlah tinggi2....

put the balloons in tha basin...

Friday, April 24, 2009

ReTurn >> (part 2)

I'm going to hostel today...
Hmm! Hmm!!
I'm going to start a new routine...
to be an excellent person
I'm going to reduce my sleep ",
my "kelab bual"
Yes! I know I can do it ##
wish me good luck...

my target this becoming exam : > 12A <

Bye! see you maybe after 1 month...
Bye... ilalliqa' ma'a salamah....

Trip 2 KL and Perak

Sweet memories....

SeSweet sugar @_@

HappY BuffDay to You!

to: Nur Shahrina Alia bt Abdul Majid
from: Ex-classmate
Heyp! ~sweet 16~
(the baju kurung girl)

25 APRIL 2009

Thursday, April 23, 2009

ReTurn >>

Been long long time since i last updated my blog. being a 16 is such a very tension life. let me share something (although i don't know with whom do i share). this year ihad been given a very big responsible, to be a naqibah (those who life in hostel or sekolah agama know what this mean) i got big problem of managing my time. When to study to do homework to liqa' to usrah. And the most saddest thing (plg ke?!!) i can't go back for about +-1 month... Tsk2x... T_T .... Being a naqibah must sincere... I hope this would give me experience to be insan kamel (not camel haa) Arghh!!! TENSION nyer!!.,>
to be continued...

Friday, January 23, 2009

Assalamualakum. Has this ever happened to you before? When you got succeed in anything, you had been congratulated by people? It happened to me. Its all because of my PMR's result. although it had been about a month until this morning I still got the congratulation. I'm a kind of person that don't know how to face situation where people praised or congratulated me. Anybody can tell me the best adab?

Today is Friday and its holiday. I'm going to have a 9 days of holiday. YAY!!! wait... I've got a lorry of homework.... Oh NO!!! Form 4 is seem to be worst than form 3. arghh!!! Chaiyok!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Dear diary,
today is Tuesday and its school day but i'm at home since i'm not feeling well.MySpace yesterday i lost my voice but today i've got back my voice although not 100%. I'm feeling not comfort for not attend school today but i've too. I can't cocentrate. stay at home is the best thing to do to get well faster.
In this new year, I am continuing my study in form 4 Ummu Khalthum, the second class. Everyday there is always homework.MySpace homework! homework! homework! MySpace
Today 13th of January, I like to wish MySpace to Nasaruddin and Fatini. Hi! Hi! Seems that both of you are older now.

See ya!MySpace