Saturday, June 25, 2011

my life campus...

insyaAllah this is just a short update. so, it has been almost a month since i entered usim. life campus is very different with school life. the schedule, teachers, friends, uniform, places, environment etc. thus, i need time to adapt myself especially to mingle with boys. it is really hard n weird to communicate with boys. but, i believe with time i can cope with this.

here, i get courage to speak english n tatakallam billughatul arabiah, surely not fluently. this is something that i didn't get during my old days in school. since the education is outcome based oriented.

i've got a broadband for myself. yah! it is costly. :'( but it's ok since i'm running a business right now. it is rm1 per hour. cheap right? hahaha.. just hoping it will backup my broadband's bill. the special thing about this broadband is, it is not on my name. i borrowed someone's ic because i'm too young to own a broadband. thanks to that friend bcause she is willing to lend me her ic.

the life is a bit hectic here. have to leave the house around 7am n come back around 6pm every weekdays(from monday to friday). tired? of course i am. i usually sleep very early at night. my schedule is unorder right now.. huhuhu.. very jelous with my friends bcause they r so organised. even i can't finished my assignment. that is worst right? i'm motivatedless right now.. :'(
i have to REARRRANNGGED (mr.Arho's style; he's my lecturer) my schedule. a schedule that should i follow to be an excellent muslimah mahasiswi.. insyaAllah.. may Allah bless me always.