Wednesday, September 15, 2010

eating or mencekik?!!

so, the raya season is getting dimmer especially in Kelantan. when we talk about raya the most common thing about this festive is about makan, makan n makan. that is absolutely Malaysia. so proud with their food even when sheikh muszaphar went to space he didn't forget to bring foods from malaysia that were specially modified so that he would not 'miss' malaysia too much (is that true?). thus, during the festive season i ate pretty good of foods. i ate a lot. i ate nasi himpit aka nasi 'kapit', ketupat, rendang, kari ayam, sambal goreng, kuah kacang, lemang, nasi briyani and many more pluss cookies and tradisional kuih. but i didn't have chance to ate ketupat palas. there was ketupat palas but slightly not so sweet like the one from kelantan.
'baraya' in johor was slightly better than in kelantan during aidilfitri. back then, we convoi to batu pahat to parit tu parit niee ( in johor especially in muar there are so many places that are named with Parit just to mention some like Parit Bakar, Parit Yusof, Parit jawa n maybe there is Parit Kelantan).. since i'm getting 'older' some tuan rumah refused to lend me duit raya... ", huhu!

the argue...

how can i didn't notice that both of you were arguing... that is absolutely me. very nerd... no wonder u didn't want to borrow her book. huh! but alhamdulillah everything will be back to normal.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Impian Ramadan

yay! sudah tercapai satu impian Ramadan iaitu
KHATAM AL-QURAN.....alhamdulillah!

and i got new 'kain sembahyang' and a really cute paper bag... :)

Dapatkan Mesej Bergambar di Sini

Thursday, July 15, 2010

should i be happy or sad?

RM 0.20 PLKN: Tahniah! 931005****** terpilih menyertai PLKN Siri 8/2011. Penempatan pelatih akan diberitahu kemudian

cara menyemak, taip PLKN SEMAK no i.c then send to 15888

best ke PLKN?

Sunday, July 11, 2010

who will win?

tonight will be the last night for world cup's game between Netherland vs Spain... what will win is not my bussiness, but i believe that Netherland would win tonight. after this night, there will be no more 'qiamullail' esp to my classmates...

Saturday, July 10, 2010

english's xtra class

i'm quite happy today bcoz i got to be one of the contender in making headline for a news together with Tasneem...

they sound like these:

me: I just came back from hell

tasneem: out of blaze and into hell (maksudnyer mcm keluar mulut rimau, masuk mulut buaya)

boy(don't know his name): Hand of God

Aini: Mummy! Daddy! wake up! help us!

another boy: Superman save two children

and the teacher promised to give mysterious prize next week! ahak! i'm waiting for that day...

it is funny when the parrot in Singapore//India choose Netherland while Paul in German choose Spain for the World Cup Winner... i'm going to support nothing that my teacher said i should support the referee coz they do not care who will win...ahak!ahak!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

i'm doing calculation....

today is 7/7/2010 (kim sang bum's birthday xD)
trial: 15/8/2010
days before trial: 38 days
days per subject: 3.34days
days per form: 1.67days

i wasted my time lately that i can feel the butterfly in my stomach right now. i'm starting to get anxious when big examination like this come.

..........time is running! too fast and furious! really3x!...............

Sunday, July 4, 2010

live the life...

today is a bit lonely... less teacher, less friend, less lesson.... still i get an extra class tonight (bio). nothing is significant today... so just wanna share this picture... my cousin kak Nurul n abg Sahron; on their wedding... ada 'meh' Fahrin Ahmad dop?!!

Saturday, July 3, 2010


Life is going to be packed... really... really... its 3rd July already... so if i'm not mistaken 140+- days to go before the dreadful SPM! still i can't achieve my target yet... huh! i'm pathetic right?! so far i got 1a+ 6a 3a- 1b+... guess what?! i got b+ for my biology! hence, i had to consider what umi said, "macam mana nak jadi doktor?" ... i'm going to work harder, harder and harder... fightim!

p/s: currently addicted to korean drama...esp Lee Min Ho oppa! and somehow i found myself can't watch the football game for the world cup since i am going to cry at the end of the game... MySpace

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Salam Maulud to ....

Atikah Adnan, 17 tahun MySpace

Yasmin, 15 tahunMySpace
semoga panjang umur dan sukses slalu spm/pmr 2010! love u all.... MySpace


guess which blog did i mean? this blog had gave its owner trouble. well, maybe Lenka would say that trouble is a friend... yay trouble is a friend..o0oo
the owner is my friend. i would like the say that she was the one who inspired me to be a blogger. n she is going to stop blogging because someone hates she. she had to pay a lot for blogging. fuh! how pity she is and i hope she will be okay! no more tears, dear...MySpace

exam over... holiday start!

finally exam is over! i'm here to update my blog. okay! since Amni has updated her blog on list-to-do this coming holiday i'm going to do so...

tomorrow-i'm going to enjoy at school with the buddies
4-6jun- kem Galaxie at pantai seri 7
9-13jun- balik kampung
14jun- kak Nurul kahwin (cousin)

1. complete the physic's file
2. study 4 hours a day
3. read english novel
4. folio add math
5.update blog
6. tidy up my room
ermm...what else?!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Fr1enD$ part 1

Dear bloggy,
since i haven't see u for along time, now i'm here to update u again. thos i want to write about my friends. what i can say last year is a year of friendship. why? because i met these persons although we have met before. last year we get to know each other deeper. thisfirst part i will write about Nurul Nasuha binti Mohd sabri a.k.a Sueha.

Her name is Nurul Nasuha binti Mohd Sabri. I know this girl since form 3 and started to be bestfriend since we went to Mukhayyam Lughowi f3 2008. was born on 4th august 1993. live in pasir mas, got four siblings. so musch to tell about u. but iwant u to know,MySpace Sueha, got to know u in this life is the best thing in my life. Hope we will be bestfriend forever! Amin...


last friday,there was a show from Syifa' again in D'Mas yg tak berapa nk siap. so to fulfil the permintaan some of my buddies i posted this. so for those who do not know them bolehlah b'kenal-kenalan...

Sesi autografi

nasyid on stage

the Queen, Asiah n Haziqah

sesi bergambar

p/s: we really 'touched' with the joke 'kaki aye a.k.a kaki ayam'.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

School holiday!!!

it is five days after the school started to close.
have too much of homework to do but still playing around... lalala..
list of homework!
>chemy- module form 5
- report (done)
>physics- trial pahang 2009
- worksheet
>biol-endangered ecosystem
-dynamic ecosystem
-a set of questions
>mm- transformation (done)
- transformation (done)
>mt- extra class
- vectors (done)
>QS- jom skor A+
- nota (done)
>psi- nota (done)
- soalan f4 and f5
>BAT- siahiah fil malizia
- exercises (done)
>BI- The Pearl
- Top Score (done)
>Sej- nota (almost done)
>Bm- soaln komsas yg ter'delay'

tonight , by hook or by crook i must finish nota sejarah and dynamic ecosystem!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

I don't care!

i don't care. what will be will be. que sera sera...
i know i can't speak and use english fluently. so i have to practice. practice do not make perfect. practice make fluent. english doesn't belong to American... when we use english, it becomes ours... so don't shy. just use it!