Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Salam Maulud to ....

Atikah Adnan, 17 tahun MySpace

Yasmin, 15 tahunMySpace
semoga panjang umur dan sukses slalu spm/pmr 2010! love u all.... MySpace


guess which blog did i mean? this blog had gave its owner trouble. well, maybe Lenka would say that trouble is a friend... yay trouble is a friend..o0oo
the owner is my friend. i would like the say that she was the one who inspired me to be a blogger. n she is going to stop blogging because someone hates she. she had to pay a lot for blogging. fuh! how pity she is and i hope she will be okay! no more tears, dear...MySpace

exam over... holiday start!

finally exam is over! i'm here to update my blog. okay! since Amni has updated her blog on list-to-do this coming holiday i'm going to do so...

tomorrow-i'm going to enjoy at school with the buddies
4-6jun- kem Galaxie at pantai seri 7
9-13jun- balik kampung
14jun- kak Nurul kahwin (cousin)

1. complete the physic's file
2. study 4 hours a day
3. read english novel
4. folio add math
5.update blog
6. tidy up my room
ermm...what else?!