Monday, March 29, 2010

Fr1enD$ part 1

Dear bloggy,
since i haven't see u for along time, now i'm here to update u again. thos i want to write about my friends. what i can say last year is a year of friendship. why? because i met these persons although we have met before. last year we get to know each other deeper. thisfirst part i will write about Nurul Nasuha binti Mohd sabri a.k.a Sueha.

Her name is Nurul Nasuha binti Mohd Sabri. I know this girl since form 3 and started to be bestfriend since we went to Mukhayyam Lughowi f3 2008. was born on 4th august 1993. live in pasir mas, got four siblings. so musch to tell about u. but iwant u to know,MySpace Sueha, got to know u in this life is the best thing in my life. Hope we will be bestfriend forever! Amin...


last friday,there was a show from Syifa' again in D'Mas yg tak berapa nk siap. so to fulfil the permintaan some of my buddies i posted this. so for those who do not know them bolehlah b'kenal-kenalan...

Sesi autografi

nasyid on stage

the Queen, Asiah n Haziqah

sesi bergambar

p/s: we really 'touched' with the joke 'kaki aye a.k.a kaki ayam'.