Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Today is the last day of 2008. Tonight we will celebrate New Year 2009. This year punya azam was archieved semalam. Hihi. Next year azam is I want to study hard and smart. Don't want to play2. One more I want to decrease my weight. My weight is **, malu nak cakap lah. Imagine my friend, Aisya only 43kg. Kena susun strategi nak loss kan weight ni. Whatever happen the azam must be achieve. So before 12 midnight I want to eat banyak2. Talk about makan, last afternoon my father took us for lunch at Syam Restaurant. Ya to celebrate my result. My father told that if my brother, Akashah get 9A's for his result next year, ayah will take us to renaissance. WOW! A bit jelous with him but when I think back I could also tumpang sekaki. Ok, that all.


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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

oh, yeh! I knew it. I can do it. I got straight A. I'm at the top of the sky now. I want to share how rhe feeling.

I woke early in the morning. and do solat hajat. I was willing to go early to school but my siblings woke up late so about 10 am I arrived at school. I thought the result was announced but still not. About 12 pm baru result diumumkan. while waiting we chatting, gosiping. When Cg Suzuki announced who got 9A, he started from the last class. That increased perasaan debar. Cg start announced from the last name pulak tu. Ok then when nama nasuha diumumkan I'm ready to hear my name. Yes! Its my name. I don't know what will happen if its not my name. I would pengsan kat situ. The ashamed thing is i cried. Oh! Why? Malunya. but bila nampak aisya nangis jugak dah tak malu. The only reporter who did came is BH. We will see tomorrow either their is my photo in the paper. But the more gempak story is my childhood friends Ikhwan and Iqbal was in tv. For me its unfair. Naper? My school got 95 students and his school got 23 jer 9A. naper wartawan pergi sekolah dia. Tv3 plak 2. Guess what I do when saw them in tv? I shout " Eh Iqbal, Ikhwan" A bit teruja. Only if both of you could read these, I'm very jelous with you. This post, I want to say thank you very much to
~my beloved umi, ayah and my siblings
~my teachers
~my friends especially Hafizah, Nasuha, Tasneem,Hayati, Amnah, Maisarah, Nadhirah and just to name a few.
I'm waiting what present I will get but i'm not hoping. Just my father promise to treat us dinner/lunch to celebrate my kejayaan.

These are few words and phrase I attracted with. I got from Fara's sitcom.
leading on the thin ice=nyawa di hujung tanduk
pouring mouth=memuncung
secret lover=kekasih gelap

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Monday, December 29, 2008

I'm going to school this morning to get my result. Oh! What I would get? I'm really hope that I would get 9A's. Really hope. I also hope that all my friends would get 9a's too and the school's target would be achive. I'll tell the result in my next post. Wish my luck!

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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Dear Diary,
i had just finished watching the last episode of Ta'in 3T although at the last 10 minutes. MySpace Quite entertain me. i just wanna share one story told by my sister. My sister's friend's sister (i dont know is this correct tp dlm malay nyer kakak kawan adik saya)MySpace want to excreta. Then she found that there was a frog waiting her in the toilet. MySpaceOh! Oleh kerana nk berak she willing to go to her aunt house but there was another frog waiting for her.MySpace Haha... But She did not give up and she went to her grandmother house and guess what? Are she manage to excreta? Still not... There was another Prince Frog. Haha... So the chivvy is all girls MySpaceafraid at frog just like me. Do you?

~~> The bold purple words are new word that i know and use... maybe can help me in my essay. who know, right?

excreta=buang air besar

ok, see yaMySpace

Friday, December 26, 2008

Dear Diary,
Oh! What day is today? MySpaceSaturday! Still have 3 days for the PMR result. MySpaceWell, I don't want to talk about that. MySpaceI'm just want to write why I started blogging. The story is like this. One day, I were chatting MySpacewith my classmate using ym, Aliya' (or should I say ex-classmate), she told she has a blog. From her blog, I knew Aisya's blog and Atirah's blog. So, I thought its fun to blog and I started blogging. (although i don't know what to write). Moreover i think this is the best plateform for me to practise my English. Like I use to learn that we have to WrestleMySpace to improve our English. Not that wrestle so, What is wrestle? Write, REad, Speak, Talk, ListEn. What if check out my coach blog . That's all.
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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Dear Diary,
did you notice, PMR result will be annouced around the corner? Oh no! MySpace. How much A would I get? The heart is beating fast.MySpace. The trial I got 9A's. So I should get 9A's also for the PMR. That's what always people say. What if I could not get?!! NO! NO! think positive.... MySpaceInsyaallah I can get. There is still a few days. I can still keep praying. MySpaceBut! if I could not get 9A i have prepared already to face it. Its only BUT! I'm really hoping that i would get 9A's. I don't my parents to get sad. Let's move on another topic

Yesterday many things has happened. First, my sister know that she could not go to Naim. I was sad and still sad. MySpaceJust like my Parents. maybe ada hikmah di sebalik ini. But my father is still want to make rayuan for her. That's number 1.

Secondly, my two little bro had khatan. What happened yesterday i entered the room where they laid off and i took the handycam and take their picture. I'm just kidding with my bro, lets call him i. Then i throw the pillow towards me and accidently fall on D's dotdot. Without any delay he criedMySpace. I'm sorry... I didin't mean. Luckly my parents not scolding me. HI hIMySpace
Ok! That's enough. See ya!

Sunday, December 7, 2008


its first time.... i celebrate raya without my beloved Umi, Deen, Sya and Nasrul (my little siblings). why? cause they celebrate raya at Negeri 9. Huhu... its quite sad... T_T. Me, my father, and Iklima, Acah, and Iman (my other three little siblings) are celebrating raya at Kelantan. It's OK. Tomorrow after Sembahyang Raya we will start our journey to Negeri 9. Umi wait for us.... Here we come.

Now i'm thinking of the Lembu's. What are their feelings? They will going to DIE tomorrow... How pity of them... BUT daging lembu sedap dimakan. huhu!!!

Although this the first post, im going to stop posting until i come back home....