Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Today is the last day of 2008. Tonight we will celebrate New Year 2009. This year punya azam was archieved semalam. Hihi. Next year azam is I want to study hard and smart. Don't want to play2. One more I want to decrease my weight. My weight is **, malu nak cakap lah. Imagine my friend, Aisya only 43kg. Kena susun strategi nak loss kan weight ni. Whatever happen the azam must be achieve. So before 12 midnight I want to eat banyak2. Talk about makan, last afternoon my father took us for lunch at Syam Restaurant. Ya to celebrate my result. My father told that if my brother, Akashah get 9A's for his result next year, ayah will take us to renaissance. WOW! A bit jelous with him but when I think back I could also tumpang sekaki. Ok, that all.


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