Sunday, December 28, 2008

Dear Diary,
i had just finished watching the last episode of Ta'in 3T although at the last 10 minutes. MySpace Quite entertain me. i just wanna share one story told by my sister. My sister's friend's sister (i dont know is this correct tp dlm malay nyer kakak kawan adik saya)MySpace want to excreta. Then she found that there was a frog waiting her in the toilet. MySpaceOh! Oleh kerana nk berak she willing to go to her aunt house but there was another frog waiting for her.MySpace Haha... But She did not give up and she went to her grandmother house and guess what? Are she manage to excreta? Still not... There was another Prince Frog. Haha... So the chivvy is all girls MySpaceafraid at frog just like me. Do you?

~~> The bold purple words are new word that i know and use... maybe can help me in my essay. who know, right?

excreta=buang air besar

ok, see yaMySpace

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