Friday, August 28, 2009

Goodbye bloggie!

Let me tell you something about the bridge competition. I failed. Eventhough we had worked hard. we slept at 1 a.m to finished the drawings. we walked over around the school to find Sir Letfinuddin and Sir Zakuan. to asked about our drawings. they looked our drawings and said that the drawings are OK. but why our drawings were not chosen? why? the only qoute that suitable to describe all these are 'tak ada rezeki' and 'sudah suratan takdir'. Nway sorry to Sir Let and Sir Zak coz dah nyusahin sir. sorry bebanyak.
Soon I will post the drawings but not now coz the drawings are not with me.
Moreover tomorrow i will go back to hostel again and I will face the exam.

Tuesday-exam (bm)
Wednesday-exam (bi)
Thursday-exam (bio & mm)
friday & Saturday (balik)Sunday-exam (phy & Bio)
Monday-nuzul al-quran
Tuesday-exam (mt & Est)
Wednesday-exam (Bat)
friday & Saturday (balik)

wish me best luck...
kalau tak dapat 12 A meningkat pown jadilah. At least I will do my best.
(Aku tak layak dapat 12 A1 dgn usaha yang aku telah buat)

More GOODLUCK graphics

More MOTIVATION graphics

Bridge Competition 2009

My group failed to be shortlisted. Only 2 groups that succeed. I'm so sad that i were really hoping to be shortlist. I cried just now. I have to face the reality. I FAILED. Who want to know either your group succeed or not, link this website

Thursday, August 27, 2009

i'm tired

I'm tired..
there are so much to be study..
too much to be remeber before the exam
i will fail again. sob3x
someone! please give me strength.

wake up!
don't give up..
remember the rhymth

que sera sera
what ever will be, will be
the futures not ours to see
que sera sera
what will be, will be

so just try your best!
berusaha lah!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

que sera sera


stop playing around exam is just around the corner back to the books no internet, no blogging arh Hi books, hi chemy, hi addmath, hi physic hi 'beautiful suffering'(istilah Aisya) i'm stressed.... Argh!!! melalot jer aku nie! i'm waiting for the result of bridge competition. although my group is not shortlist, we redha.... because everything happened for a good reason. still hope that our design will be shortlist. we work hard for this... i'll come back after ... erm... 3 weeks! ouh.. wish me best luck.

Monday, August 24, 2009

a come back

I didn't update my blog for a long time although I wanted to do so. That's because I'm really busy. Busy of what? Ermm... actually I pun dunno... Qui 3x
There are so many things that happened in this past few months. First and foremost is a widespread disaster, influenza A H1N1 attacked my school. OH!!!

"perhatian kepada semua pelajar asrama anda tidak dibenarkan pulang pada hari ini"

haa?! what?!! Oh no! Tak leh balik... Waa!!! My classmates were crying... Me??? I'm not crying although my heart wanted to cry... sob3x
actually, one of naimians was infected by the virus... so we trapped in hostel for about a week. and the worst thing i got fever and i were quarantined in a quarantine dorm... cedeynyer... but just for three days then I pown panjat tangga naik dorm balik... stayed there like i were staying in hospital. everyone was sick and sleep. wake up, eat, take medicine then sleep back. But I got something from this sad episode... I got to know better my roomates (should I say dormates?!)- Dorm Kurnia

I have to be co-ordinator for Kem Solat. I'll talk about this after the Kem Solat besause the camp had to be postpone because of selsema babi. It will be held after rayer...