Wednesday, September 15, 2010

eating or mencekik?!!

so, the raya season is getting dimmer especially in Kelantan. when we talk about raya the most common thing about this festive is about makan, makan n makan. that is absolutely Malaysia. so proud with their food even when sheikh muszaphar went to space he didn't forget to bring foods from malaysia that were specially modified so that he would not 'miss' malaysia too much (is that true?). thus, during the festive season i ate pretty good of foods. i ate a lot. i ate nasi himpit aka nasi 'kapit', ketupat, rendang, kari ayam, sambal goreng, kuah kacang, lemang, nasi briyani and many more pluss cookies and tradisional kuih. but i didn't have chance to ate ketupat palas. there was ketupat palas but slightly not so sweet like the one from kelantan.
'baraya' in johor was slightly better than in kelantan during aidilfitri. back then, we convoi to batu pahat to parit tu parit niee ( in johor especially in muar there are so many places that are named with Parit just to mention some like Parit Bakar, Parit Yusof, Parit jawa n maybe there is Parit Kelantan).. since i'm getting 'older' some tuan rumah refused to lend me duit raya... ", huhu!

the argue...

how can i didn't notice that both of you were arguing... that is absolutely me. very nerd... no wonder u didn't want to borrow her book. huh! but alhamdulillah everything will be back to normal.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Impian Ramadan

yay! sudah tercapai satu impian Ramadan iaitu
KHATAM AL-QURAN.....alhamdulillah!

and i got new 'kain sembahyang' and a really cute paper bag... :)

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