Sunday, December 7, 2008


its first time.... i celebrate raya without my beloved Umi, Deen, Sya and Nasrul (my little siblings). why? cause they celebrate raya at Negeri 9. Huhu... its quite sad... T_T. Me, my father, and Iklima, Acah, and Iman (my other three little siblings) are celebrating raya at Kelantan. It's OK. Tomorrow after Sembahyang Raya we will start our journey to Negeri 9. Umi wait for us.... Here we come.

Now i'm thinking of the Lembu's. What are their feelings? They will going to DIE tomorrow... How pity of them... BUT daging lembu sedap dimakan. huhu!!!

Although this the first post, im going to stop posting until i come back home....


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