Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Dear Diary,
did you notice, PMR result will be annouced around the corner? Oh no! MySpace. How much A would I get? The heart is beating fast.MySpace. The trial I got 9A's. So I should get 9A's also for the PMR. That's what always people say. What if I could not get?!! NO! NO! think positive.... MySpaceInsyaallah I can get. There is still a few days. I can still keep praying. MySpaceBut! if I could not get 9A i have prepared already to face it. Its only BUT! I'm really hoping that i would get 9A's. I don't my parents to get sad. Let's move on another topic

Yesterday many things has happened. First, my sister know that she could not go to Naim. I was sad and still sad. MySpaceJust like my Parents. maybe ada hikmah di sebalik ini. But my father is still want to make rayuan for her. That's number 1.

Secondly, my two little bro had khatan. What happened yesterday i entered the room where they laid off and i took the handycam and take their picture. I'm just kidding with my bro, lets call him i. Then i throw the pillow towards me and accidently fall on D's dotdot. Without any delay he criedMySpace. I'm sorry... I didin't mean. Luckly my parents not scolding me. HI hIMySpace
Ok! That's enough. See ya!

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