Saturday, July 10, 2010

english's xtra class

i'm quite happy today bcoz i got to be one of the contender in making headline for a news together with Tasneem...

they sound like these:

me: I just came back from hell

tasneem: out of blaze and into hell (maksudnyer mcm keluar mulut rimau, masuk mulut buaya)

boy(don't know his name): Hand of God

Aini: Mummy! Daddy! wake up! help us!

another boy: Superman save two children

and the teacher promised to give mysterious prize next week! ahak! i'm waiting for that day...

it is funny when the parrot in Singapore//India choose Netherland while Paul in German choose Spain for the World Cup Winner... i'm going to support nothing that my teacher said i should support the referee coz they do not care who will win...ahak!ahak!

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