Thursday, April 23, 2009

ReTurn >>

Been long long time since i last updated my blog. being a 16 is such a very tension life. let me share something (although i don't know with whom do i share). this year ihad been given a very big responsible, to be a naqibah (those who life in hostel or sekolah agama know what this mean) i got big problem of managing my time. When to study to do homework to liqa' to usrah. And the most saddest thing (plg ke?!!) i can't go back for about +-1 month... Tsk2x... T_T .... Being a naqibah must sincere... I hope this would give me experience to be insan kamel (not camel haa) Arghh!!! TENSION nyer!!.,>
to be continued...

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