Friday, January 23, 2009

Assalamualakum. Has this ever happened to you before? When you got succeed in anything, you had been congratulated by people? It happened to me. Its all because of my PMR's result. although it had been about a month until this morning I still got the congratulation. I'm a kind of person that don't know how to face situation where people praised or congratulated me. Anybody can tell me the best adab?

Today is Friday and its holiday. I'm going to have a 9 days of holiday. YAY!!! wait... I've got a lorry of homework.... Oh NO!!! Form 4 is seem to be worst than form 3. arghh!!! Chaiyok!

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Niji said...

since you wrote this in english so i better reply in english too.

yes, i also kinda face this kind of situation too, mostly. being congratulated, complimented or praised. it's not that comfortable. some people prefer you to keep the compliment for your own.

actually, i don't really like getting those attentions. they make me feel embarrassed. in a matter of second, i would quickly feel blood raising up to my cheek..
like this.

i think, the best thing to do is to mouth a thank you, and keep quiet for your own good. well, let's say if you don't, your nose might grow to 5 inches. haha.

that's all solehah. i'm having fun exploring your older posts. :)