Saturday, July 30, 2011


is that necessary to have crush? u know what google translate it? it is 'menghancurkan'. that's mean crush can make u worse. is that true? (this is nothing to do with coco crunch or accident)
i don't know. one of my friends told me that when you have crush, he/she will burn your spirit to go to the class. i've no comment regarding this.
it happened to me few times. i was like blaming myself for feeling that way because it is not comforting at all. when i was doing something, suddenly he appeared in my mind. when he passed by me, suddenly i was like fainting. seriously it was painful. i always tried to get rid of him from my mind. but the more i tried to, the more i would remember him. but this is nonsense. i had read something regarding this somewhere. it said that it is normal for teenagers to have crush but then we always have Islam as our way of life. that's why Allah ask us to lower our sight. sweet right?!

p/s:just a reminder to me as some of my friends are having crush right now. there are some info about crush here.

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