Friday, March 25, 2011


so, after getting the result, kena isi upu n scholarship plak... utk upu mmg da isi smpai 4 pilihan coz really dunno about all the courses.. so as Nadhirah suggested, InsyaAllah i'll go n seek Ayah Haji (pakar runding course) tomorrow, if God will... he might help me to choose all the 8 courses... kalau nk buat pilihan mmg kena pilih betul2 bcoz the competition is really hard..
surely all the course must be about medic...

n 4 the scolarship, i filled 4 Mara's scolarship only... is that crazy thing? what if i don't get the scolarship? so, do i have to fill all the scolarships as someone did? Ya Allah, i really don't know what the best 4 me...

something that very common with scolarship is interview... mean that i must undergo an interview session before i can get the scolarship... n i'm not sure how is the situation in Mara... how many scolarships it offers? how much? how many students it gonna take 4 medic course?
so in these very few days i must be prepared with many informations about MARA n current issues... n the interviewer will ask me i bahasa London aka bahasa oram putes... that's way this post is written in English... takut my english yg mmg da karat tu jadi karat hijau...


Doctor to be,

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