Monday, November 14, 2011

why hate Kelantanese so badly?

even i am not a pure Kelantanese but hearing n knowing there a lot of people out there hates the people of Kelantan intensely really irritate me. u know i've heard a lot about these even this phenomenon had happened since Zaman Chulalongkorn. i don't know why the hate them so bad. i've heard someone from my Uni said that she will never married to a Kelantanese n she even sworn. if i'm not mistaken her father is the one who prohibited her from doing so. if i know who is that girl, i will say to her that "rugilah tak nak kahwin ngan org kelantan, org Kelantan ramai yg handsome tau..." hahaha.. just joking. but it's a fact u know. :)

in another case, there is a boy who wannna get marry at young age, but his grandfather already made a condition that he must not married a girl from Kelantan. see... *sigh*

even i heard one of the lecturer at usim said "saya benci budak Kelantan"

i wonder why Kelantanese are being hated so much? maybe they have their own reasons n history that i do not know YET...

they even set up a page of Anti Kelantan

but there are more people that love Kelantan.

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