Saturday, September 17, 2011

be friend to male: right or wrong?

just came back from my lecturer's open house in Senawang. so i went there with my classmates riding a kelisa belongs to one of my male friend. so 4 females+1 male riding a car (isn't it looks like a polygamy's family, is it? joke...ok not funny.) n of course nothing bad happened that we went n arrive kknc safely eventhough he was speeding as fast as 145km/h. so i'm not going to tell about the journey or etc actually. referring to the title, is it wrong to be friend with male?

n my answer is.... absolutely.... ermmm.... i'm not sure what is the real answer. everyone has their one opinion regarding this. n for me my answer it is not wrong as long as u know the border. what? the border? yaaa... i've heard many time this phrase, i think. as long as u know the borders. but i'm not sure is they really know what are the borders actually (even me not really clear about the borders, i think)

for know i'm saying that. it is not wrong to be friend with male because in our situation right now, we need each others. like my situation just now . i need him in order to go to my lecturer's house. n sometime we need males to help us solving problems in our academics n etc.

in my next post, i'll will list a little bit about guidelines in bermuamalat with males. n please... i'm not prefect. i wrote this to give a reminder to me n others too...

(honestly i'm not used to mingle with male yet. )

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